*In a world of illusion, love is the only reality*


Commander Luke Price is voiceless in a country that dominates android technology and denies human rights. The harsh President Rylor regime took Luke’s best friend, his family, and looks set to take his sanity. The last person Luke expected to fall in love with is Vice President Mitchell Rylor’s son, Dr Elliot Rylor. When Elliot shares confidential information about a new android, HAI-21, he also reveals the atrocities behind its creation. Luke must help Elliot and Mitchell cease the android’s production before innocent people die. But what if the truth of HAI-21 is more horrific than Luke imagined? Can he conquer his own fears to save Elliot, to save himself, and assist Mitchell to overthrow a tyrant dictator?

Length: Novella 
Author: Zathyn Priest
Genre: MM/Contemporary/Futuristic/Romance/Erotic
Heat Rating:3/5


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